The average adult in the US spends 3 hours and 17 minutes on their phones. What is your daily screen time average? Are you afraid to check? Do you dread seeing that weekly screen time digest your phone sends you?

Recently, my weekly screen time average hit a record low of 38 minutes a day. While this is an outlier if I average the last 5 weeks, my screen time average is 1 hour and 5 minutes a day. Not bad.

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Itching to make a short film? Hesitant because you have no money? Well, that is a poor excuse. I know because I’ve used that excuse for years. I always thought you needed to have money to make a decent short film. But one day, I said fuck it and set out to make a short film for $0.

Was it any good? It’s decent. I’ll let you decide for yourself. The important thing is what I learned from the process.

Don’t worry, I’m going to show you how I did it, and how you can follow the same approach and…

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For the last two years, I’ve kept a daily journal. I’ve heard many leaders & top performers talk about the powers and benefits of journaling every day, but it wasn’t until two years into the habit when I started to realize its benefits for myself.

In this post, I’ll break down my journaling methods and propose some easy ways you can start journaling now. Whether this is your first attempt at journaling, you’re looking to get back into journaling, or you’re a veteran who’s been journaling for decades. This post is for you.

You should be journaling every day. It…

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Being the self-help junkie that I am, I’m obsessed with routine. For the last two years, I’ve slowly crafted my morning routine. Doing so has allowed me to read, study Japanese, journal, write, and workout consistently. I’ve refined, re-organized, and tested my morning routine until it became automatic.

My focus has always been the morning routine since this is when I‘m most productive. I believe the Rich Dad, Poor Dad philosophy of always paying yourself first, and while Robert Kiyosaki was referring to money, I think we should pay ourselves first with our time as well. …

6 years ago, while attending university, I created a 30-second advertisement using kinetic typography. Kinetic typography is just a fancy way of saying animated text. Here’s that school project:

I couldn’t tell you the grade I received on the project. I don’t remember, and it isn’t at all relevant. Once I finished the assignment, I uploaded the video to youtube, shared it with the class, and immediately forgot about this project.

I had no intention of being an animator. I had no intention of this projecting turning into anything more than what it was, a class assignment.

But after…

adobe premiere pro
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I’ve been editing videos for the past 10 years. Over the years, I’ve uncovered a few tips and tricks that have really helped my editing workflow. Some of these might seem super obvious, some of these might seem strange. Some of these tips are specific to Premiere Pro, but others can be applied to any editing workflow in any program. So, let’s jump into them without wasting any more time.

Tip #1: Enable your clips with an easy keyboard shortcut.

Enabling a clip is the ability to turn a clip on and off. You can toggle the layers' visibility by…

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If you’re like me, you’ve been in the middle of work, and out of the blue, this excellent idea pops into your head. Not only is it a good idea, but it’s exciting and fun. You get distracted from the task at hand and keep thinking about this new idea. It keeps you up at night; all you want to do is focus on this idea. Eventually, you set the new idea aside and say something like, “I’ll come back to this later.”

A few weeks fly by, and you go back to that great idea. But the idea that…

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If I had to give any business advice, it’d be this: be a cockroach.

The power of a cockroach is that they are notoriously hard to kill. Cockroaches are small, flexible, and resistant. They can fit in impossibly tight spaces, and they are highly adaptable.

When the pandemic started almost a year ago, I was anxious about my business's future. Being in the video production industry, the pandemic changed our day-to-day operations.

We struggled, but my business didn’t fail. And it’s all because of the cockroach strategy.

What would it look like if your business was invincible? How can your…

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There’s a reason we say “pay attention.” Because that is what attention is, a currency. Each of us only has a finite amount of time in our lives. Each day, we are all given the same amount of hours as everyone else. It’s up to us how we spend it.

Social media companies are some of the wealthiest companies in the world. Why? Because they have the attention of hundreds of millions of people, and they sell it for a profit.

As it is with other currency, we should budget our attention, set some aside, and invest our attention in…

Brave is a browser that pays for your attention. The more you browse the internet, the more you get paid. Over the course of one year, I was able to earn $120 from Brave Browser. I know this isn’t a game-changing about of money. But it’s literally free money. Free money that saved me 6 hours of website loading time.

If you’re new to Brave Browser, I recommend starting with my 5 reasons why you should use Brave Browser. If you’re ready to start using Brave, here are my 3 tips to maximize your Brave Rewards earnings.

Tip #1: Install Brave Browser on all your devices

You’ll earn more…

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